Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Thickener

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1. Pretreatment of high concentration waste waters in slaughterhouses, printing and dying industries and stainless steel pickling water.
2. Sludge thickening treatment of municipal residual activated sludge.

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Structure and Working Principle
The residual activated sludge of a 98- 99.8% moisture content, micro bubbles and reagents are mixed in a flocculation reactor, which forms bubble flocs and then sends them through a mixing chamber, where they coagulate and grow larger. The sludge containing bubble flocs floats and gathers in sludge concentration zones and then separate from clean water using a buoyancy and sludge fence components. The moisture content in the sludge is gradually reduced, and the sludge gradually becomes dryer. Water extruded from the sludge is collected and discharged through a recycling water pipe in the middle of the pool body.


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