Lime dosing system

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Especially tailored to lime storage and dosing requirements for various industries, for discharging, feeding, conveying, and intercepting lime powder in Lime Dosing Plants.

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What’s the lime dosing system?
Makeing sure there is always a batch of prepared materials waiting to be mixed, it can increase the production efficiency by 30%, which shows the advantage of high efficiency mixer

Working Principle
(1)The lime powder is supplied by bulk tanker. The powder is pneumatic fed into the silo for storage. The silo is equipped with hole vibration to avoid bridging the powder.When there is a hole in the feeder, activate the silo to start the vibration mode to eliminate the hole. If the hole cannot be eliminated within the set time and there is no material coming down around the surface, the system will display no material alarm.
(2) The lime powder is transported to the lime preparation device by the feeder and screw conveyer at the bottom of the silo. At the same time, the dissolved water is injected into the lime preparation device in a certain proportion to form a lime milk solution with a concentration of XX% (generally 5%-10%), and then the prepared lime milk is transported to the required place through the lime feeding pump.

Serial number Device name Model
1 LimeSilo V=XXXm
2 MeteringFeeder Measuretheamountoflime
3 SafetyValve  
4 Vibratinghopper Preventlimebridging
5 ScrewConveyer Conveylime
6 DustExtraction  
7 LevelIndicator Measurethestocklevelofthesilo
8 SlideValve  
9 PneumaticIsolationValve  
10 LimePreparationPlant V=XXXm
11 LimeFeedingPump Flowrate:dependonclient
12 ControlPanel PLC


Technical Description
A complete system of lime dosing comprises: lime silo, safety valve, vibrating hopper, screw conveyer, back pulse jetting dust extraction、radar level indicator, slide valve, pneumatic isolation valve, discharging variable frequency PLC system control cabinet and pneumatic control box.

Material of feeder: SS304
Maximum throughput: 1-4t/h
Material of lime silo: carbon steel (anticorrosive)
Material of vibrating hopper: carbon steel
The purpose of the vibrating hopper is to prevent powder bridging!

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